Welcome to my web site. It's for ADULTS ONLY as it does contain graphic sexual content. Don't enter unless you agree to my site terms. If you do agree I invite you to browse around.

The site has my blog--100% free. And by all means leave your comments. The site also has the Naked Evan store where you can buy my DVD's and other merchandise all at very low prices. I include links to some other stuff you may find of interest as well as some sites that list me. Questions or comments? You're always welcome to drop me an email.

Photographers Wanted


The biggest problem I have is finding guys willing to take pictures, which surprises me: you don't have to get naked to operate a camera. So I'm always looking for photographers. If you're interested in operating either my still camera or my video camera, please visit the CONTACT page of my web site and let me know your interest and what city you're in.
Since I share the vast majority of my photographs for FREE I do not offer pay most of the time--it's strictly a volunteer thing, and all rights to the images and any use of them comes to me. On rare occasions I do offer nominal pay if it's something rather major we're going to do.

Future Plans


My goal before 2010 is over is to offer live web cam shows. I can't guarantee that these will be free like the blog is. Please understand that all my equipment costs real money. So does monthly web hosting. And I don't have a magic money tree. :)

Why Naked Evan?


I'm mystified that some geographic locations will try to label people as 'sex offenders' for simple nudity if it occurs in public. Just because somebody happens to be naked does not mean there is anything sexual involved. I believe a lot of rapes and other sex offences are at least partially due to the puritanical constrictions that have restricted people from being open about the human body. The same applies for the severe phobias people have about their own physical flaws: being comfortable with your own body is difficult without being comfortable in others seeing your body. And the more bodies a person sees the more ordinary it becomes. Much of what I do is in pursuit of greater body acceptance. I can be defined as a 'naturist' and am also seeking stronger acceptance of nudity whether public or private.

As a healthy adult I also have a sexual side and it is included in this web site as well. But sex is different than simple nudity. Sex is an adult activity and should be kept away from kids. Sex should be relegated to private spaces, or to specifically-designated public spaces. But open discussion and depiction of sex among adults is also what keeps sexual perceptions healthy. There are an unbelievable range of activities that can be included in sex. Open-minded exploration is what makes ones sex-life most fulfilling. Don't dismiss something just because it sounds 'kinky'. Who knows--you may discover you really enjoy it. Or maybe not. But you'll never know if your mind is closed. I do make exceptions. The first is sex with kids. That's harmful and sex shouldn't involve harming others. The other two are beastiality and scat. Accept it--I choose to be closed-minded on those two items.
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