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Jerk-Off Animation


I took a brief video of me jerking off and have turned that video into an animation that I hope you'll enjoy. It's a HUGE file, so it will take a minute to load into your computer.
You can find it at

Back again


It's been almost four years since I've last posted! There's been a lot that's happened. First, I got busy with a lot of stuff in life. Work always has to have priority unfortunately. And then I was in an ugly accident. I was riding my bicycle and got rear-ended by a car. Two cracked vertebrae and 3 fractured ribs do not heal fast and the body really falls apart!

Healing was a long, arduous process, and when I was recovering I had to focus extra-hard on work since most of my businesses had suffered badly. Second priority was just getting involved in life again: the gym, social life, etc. And finally now I'm ready to get back into the swing of things here again.

Shaved Pits


I mentioned in a brief message posted to my Yahoo group that I was doing something new. Well, here it is complete with photo:

My body has very little hair as you've no doubt seen from my photos, other than my very hairy legs and forearms. And I've always been happy with that. The only thing I don't like is that my armpits seem to have waaay too much hair. So I made an appointment to have laser hair removal. A hairy friend had it done for his back and was extremely happy with the results so after talking a great deal with him and reading up on it I decided to have it done.

Animation Ass


I've made a stop-gap animation of brand new photos just taken.


XXX - jerking off today


I flipped on my webcam and caught a snip of me jerking off today.


This has been tested in:
~ Internet Explorer - functional.
~ Google Chrome - sorry, doesn't work.

Windows Media Player is required to see the video. Click the logo to get it FREE.
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Vancouver Pride Sunday - on Davie Street


After I had been in Pumpjack for a while I took a brief break to pop outside for a quick snapshot. I just asked one of the guys in the line-up if he'd step out to the curb with my camera and take my photo, while I took his spot in the line.

He graciously obliged me, though we had to wait about a minute as for a time there was a non-stop stream of people passing.

Then as he was getting ready to snap the pic I surprised him--and everyone else--by taking off my outfit and standing there naked. Here's the result:
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